For Family and Friends

Rainbow over MDL

Hello Friends and Family,

Laura and I have been back at Montaña de Luz for three weeks now since our Christmas vacation in the States. We have been extremely busy. We have really begun to define our role here as we have become more familiar with the needs of the children and the mission of Montaña de Luz. This past week the US Board of Directors was here. We met with them and shared vision, mission, and planning. Both Laura and I feel very pleased and encouraged that there is a good accord relative to what we are doing here and the Board’s support.

I want to thank everyone for their financial support and give you an update of what we have received to this point. According to Montaña de Luz records up through January 28, 2014, $975.00 has been given to Montaña de Luz to support Laura and me in our specific projects. Additionally, there is a 2014 pledge through someone’s employment where Montaña de Luz will receive $2080.00 also in support of our specific projects. Because of this generous support, Laura and I will be able to continue the projects that we outlined for you in December.

I have already purchased the plastic binders for the children’s main files. I was able to purchase them at a much lower rate than we had anticipated such that the actual cost was about $150.00 rather than the $350.00 we thought it would be. That was certainly the easiest of the four specific projects that we named. We have not yet started the recycling project, but will soon begin. The financial cost for that will also be relatively small. The challenging part will be implementing a system with consistent oversight so that the recycling will become routine. As you may remember, we asked for about $600.00 for Spanish books. Laura has been working on organizing our library. With the group that was here was a woman who had worked extensively on this in the past. She and Laura were able to do a lot by way of making inventory of the books. Laura will continue to work on this and will explore what other books we need and how to purchase them. It is not at the moment a pressing concern.

The experience of delivering many of the children to families for a Christmas vacation and picking them up upon our return has convinced Laura and me that working with families is of tremendous importance. It is and will be a large part of assisting our children in their transition back into the larger Honduran community as they become adults. We see the Family Day this year as an important part of this. Our projection of a $1000 budget for this was probably optimistic and it will most likely cost more. If you are doing the math, your generous donations have exceeded our initial request of you. Still, there are many more things that Laura and I feel strongly we should do with families. We would certainly like to continue to raise more money for our ongoing work with the families. One thing we specifically talked about with the Board was making home visits. Montaña de Luz has not done much of this in the past, partly because it can be an expensive proposition. Both the Board and Laura and I spoke about this as a critical component of our work at Montaña de Luz. And even apart from this, there are children here without families. Working with them on transitioning into the larger Honduran culture will also require the generosity of sponsors.

Again, thank you for your generosity. If you haven’t yet made a donation we humbly request that you consider doing so. Many of you were extremely generous and we are greatly indebted to your support. Still, there is no donation that is too small. Twenty-five dollars or fifty dollars will be received with great joy and will go a long way toward making a difference in the lives of these beautiful children. You can make your donation or sponsor a child in the God’s Gift program by going to If you plan to give on line by way of a credit card, then just go to the “donate here” button and click. You will be directed to use Pay Pal. In Pay Pal there will be an optional field titled “Special Instructions to Seller.” In that field, please write that the donation is for Laura and Paul. If you want to mail your donation, just indicate the same in the memo section on your check. You will receive a letter of gratitude from Montaña de Luz and Laura and I that you may use as a receipt for tax-purposes.


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